• Corporate Strategy

    Scott performs market, competitive, and technology trend analyses to determine corporate strategy and new product possibilities.

  • Digital Product Development

    Scott leads the product vision, product concepting, voice-of-the-customer, user experience design, product requirements development, third party technology licensing initiatives, and new product launch initiatives.

  • Technology Partnerships and Acquisitions

    Sometimes it just makes more sense to buy rather than build. Scott sources the intellectual property of other companies when appropriate and negotiates licensing terms, partnership agreements, or purchase agreements.

Scott Delaune Biography

Scott leads corporate growth strategies for innovative companies through new product development, technology partnerships, and acquisitions. As the Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy for PennWell Corp, Scott led the corporate strategy and product development strategy to transform an advertiser-supported media company into a data-driven marketing automation company (i.e., Marketing As A Service).

Scott's efforts led to the creation of three notable product platforms:
1. Hubs.com, a niche B2B social network and a personalized content platform which won Media Post's "Appy Award" for Best Business Media App of 2016.

2. Orchestrate (www.orchestratenow.com), a data-driven marketing technology that automates marketing campaigns throughout a network of news websites.

3. PennWell Marketing Solutions, an in-house marketing agency offering a full suite of marketing automation and digital media solutions (www.pennwellmarketing.com).

These platforms have become the focus of PennWell's growth and PennWell Marketing Solutions is the center point. The PennWell Marketing Solutions leader, who I hired through an 'acqui-hire' from Reed Elsevier, is now PennWell's Chief Revenue Officer in charge of all PennWell revenue. So, instead of selling advertising, PennWell now sells 'marketing solutions' that start at the high end of the marketing value chain and then migrate down toward ad sales if necessary. This gives PennWell an opportunity to meet client needs for all aspects of marketing and advertising, from marketing strategy to ad placement. This structure follows the organizational design I created in a strategy document called Vision 2020.

Scott is now living full-time in Arizona and seeking to lead strategy and product development efforts for an innovative company.

  • Scott is a brilliant strategist and outside the box thinker. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Scott and I was particularly impressed by his ability to communicate complex issues effectively with stakeholders at all levels. I recommend Scott highly and believe that he would be an asset to any organization.

    David Warren, Vice President of Data and Marketing Technology, PennWell Corp